• Priya Krishnan Das

Presenting the colourful Indian icecream truck. A mini van customized for cold storage, this truck sells kulfis (Indian icecream), icecream, falooda and milkshakes. The owner Dinesh Vaishnav said he got this truck customized from Rajasthan. His family owns four trucks that sell in different parts of Pune. Evenings are so busy that he has two more people to help him cater to a throng of customers.

  • Priya Krishnan Das

Today's sketch was at the College of Agriculture. The campus is so verdant, with old trees forming an avenue, a dull gold moss wrapped around tree trunks and branches and birds busy singing and just being their cute and pretty selves. I had a wordless conversation with a Tickell's Blue Flycatcher for an entire minute and also found a pink Raintree flower which I wanted to sketch. I will post the flower sketch tomorrow. Such a lovely start to the day.

This beautiful building in the sketch was built in 1911.

  • Priya Krishnan Das

I am starting a new series of #onlyinindia for #azaadikaamritmahotsav , India's 75th year of Independence.

The Indian Cobbler

The original sustainable idea even before 'sustainable' became a fashionable term.

The Indian cobbler is ubiquitous, setting up his stall on the pavement, corner or in this case a tree stump. He repairs not only shoes or slippers but also umbrellas and bags. I had gone to get the soles of my sturdy leather shoes fixed and sketched him while he was at it. Notice the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and also the hexagonal pendant he has worn resembling the seal of the great Maratha Emperor. He was happy with my sketch and gave me a discount how kind of him.