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The Ladies Tailor

The ladies tailor in India is ubiquitous and specializes in stitching especially blouses worn with sarees (the Indian 6 yard unstitched drape). They, of course, also stitch other apparel like salwar kameez , gowns and such. What is interesting is that the ladies tailor is invariably a man. And being a ladies tailor is no easy job. He has to deal with confused women who may not be able to decide what design to finalize, who have tens of questions, most who would put undue pressure on him to deliver earlier than the usual one week, or people like me who see apparels online and buy handloom fabric and demand it be stitched that way. And not to mention if the stitching goes wrong, he has to deal with the wrath of women whose expectations he may not have risen to

This is my tailor and luckily he has always stitched all my clothes remarkably well. He was very happy to see the sketch and showed it to the neighboring shop owners too.

  • Writer's picturePriya Krishnan Das

Today's Sunday sketch was at The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute founded in 1917 to commemorate the name and work of Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar, who was one of the pioneers of scientific Orientology in India. Orientology concerns itself with the study of the ancient indigenous lore and wisdom of the east or Orient. The institute aims to enlighten the world about the all comprehensive knowledge gathered in the east, especially India. And it is common knowledge that India has been a power house and storehouse of ancient wisdom and knowledge since the beginning of civilization. The campus is verdant and beautiful and the architecture truly captivating. I would like to visit this campus again to capture other things.

  • Writer's picturePriya Krishnan Das

Around all temples in India, big or small, one will find small shops selling items required for rituals. Some sell flowers too along with other items but some, such as this shop in the sketch, sell non perishable 'puja' items such as incense sticks, vermillion, turmeric powder, colourful drapes to be offered to the deity in the temple, rangoli stickers, buntings made of fabric and such.

This shop is called Swapnamala Sugandhi.

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