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Vruddheshwar Siddheshwar Ghat

Updated: May 24, 2022

The sketch meet today was the the Vruddheshwar Siddheshwar Ghat on the banks on the Mula River. There was a River walk conducted by the Jivitnadi group which aims at creating awareness about the life of rivers. I attended the walk for a few minutes to sketch the group and heard some very interesting facts about Pune. The guide said that fossils of the Ostrich and Mammoth have been discovered in Pune in the past and also the bones of a now extinct animal which was the predecessor of the domestic cow. Also the rivers in Pune flow eastward to the Bay of Bengal rather than the Arabian sea which is closer because the continent tilts in that direction. How fascinating! I will surely do this walk entirely sometime to discover more about my city. The second sketch is that of the Siddheshwar mandir.

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Joe Zach
Joe Zach
Mar 29, 2022

Had been there and did see some of the Urban sketchers in action while I took part in the river walk.

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