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Sugarcane Juice Seller

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Sugarcane juice. India is a land of sugarcane so naturally streets in the sugarbelt region and in its vicinity are dotted with shops or stalls selling freshly crushed sugarcane juice. The sugarcanes are washed and then passed through a machine which extracts the juice. A dash of lemon or ginger juice and a pinch of salt enhances the taste manifold. The best time to have sugarcane juice is summer because the sugarcanes harvested in winter are too saturated with sugar and therefore not very suitable for our bodies. There are also different kinds of sugarcanes for juice and for jaggery/sugar making. This information was given to me by a sugarcane farmer whom I met at a rural fair. Sugarcane juice is also excellent for the liver and is beneficial for health. The juice must be had within 15 minutes of extraction as it gets oxidized and loses its health benefits after that. I sketched this at Parvati sugarcane juice shop at Jawahar nagar in Goregaon west, Mumbai. The owner, Ritesh, is a young gentleman who goes to college along with managing this shop. The shop is hygienic and he cleans the machine after every order to keep the purity of the juice. Swipe to see the video of the juice being extracted. #purplesoulart

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