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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

We met our friends a few weeks ago and they told us about their interesting experience with a Nadi Astrologer. Although I don't believe in astrology or anyone's predictions about me, I was curious to see and experience it for myself. I dragged my husband along for the experience. Now, Nadi in Tamil means 'to search' and this is an ancient form of astrology practiced in South India. The Indian sages of yore such as Agastya rishi, Brighu rishi, Koushika rishi, etc who were clairvoyants had foreseen the lives of many people and had written the predictions in ancient Tamil script in the form of poetry and sonnets on palm leaves. The original palm scripts are in Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamil Nadu but copies of it are with astrologers practicing this all over the country. The search for one's palm leaf begins with a thumb print and finding the group of manuscripts matching it and then to find the specific seeker's leaf. This is done by a process of elimination where the astrologer asks specific questions pertaining to one's life and where the answer must be given only in 'yes' and 'no'. And if you are lucky you will find your palm script. Honestly, I was so excited about this unique experience and was expecting some ground shattering happy predictions about myself but my manuscript was not found at this centre. But they found my husband's and while the astrologer read out about his life, I sketched him

It was a unique experience nevertheless and I would recommend it for the experience if you can go with an open mind.

  • Writer's picturePriya Krishnan Das

Today's sketch is of the Amruteshwar Mandir established in 1760 by the Peshwas in Shaniwar peth. This is one temple I had not heard of earlier. This is one of the best things I love about urbansketching. It makes me explore my city in an immersive way and I love discovering these heritage gems that I may otherwise miss.

Disclaimer: any resemblance to an actual door is purely coincidental yesterday's sketch at Amruteshwar Mandir.

In this context, I am quoting a noted Urbansketcher, James Richards @jrsketchbook

“My job isn’t to draw what people want to see—the tourist postcard view. It’s to show them the things they DON’T see. They can’t tell me what those things are. My job is to take on what catches my eye and to create as honest an expression as I can of what I see in that moment, and put it out there. If someone thinks it sucks, that’s fine. That’s absolutely their prerogative. But more often, they’ll share an appreciation for seeing something familiar in a fresh way—even a thank you: ‘You’ve made me see my own place differently!’”

  • Writer's picturePriya Krishnan Das

The best compliment that I have ever received and will ever receive came from my munchkin 2 and 1/2 years old niece who recognized herself in the sketch I had made of her one sketch was her drinking milk from a feeding bottle and she was so excited to see herself that she went around showing everyone the sketch saying 'I am drinking dudhoo'. she kept looking at the sketches for some time and was awed to see so many versions of herself swipe to see the photos.

I am so glad I am able to capture these precious moments with her, not to mention drawing her is a good exercise in rapid sketching

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